A modern framework for professional development


The Certified Business Finance Professional is a framework to encourage, support and reward professional development.

Business finance is a profession, and demands a professional framework to ensure that it develops a unique identity, remains healthy and attracts the brightest new talent.

There are many courses and qualifications for those working in business finance that provide valuable development – from post-secondary education, through apprenticeships, entry-level development programmes, diplomas and advanced qualifications.

We would like to recognise these - but also make visible many other often unseen, and equally valuable, professional activities. These include workplace-based learning, knowledge sharing, personal development and industry enrichment activities.

The Certified Business Finance Professional is not a course or a set of exams.  It is a framework in which professionalism can be recognised and made visible.

It will provide career-enhancing benefits by encouraging and supporting professionals to reach their full potential through investment in their development.


High performers who say that working for employers that offer learning and development is important
Ceridian, 2017
Employees who would stay with their current employer for longer if it invested in their career
LinkedIn, 2018
Millennials who rate professional or career growth and development opportunities as important
Gallup, 2016
Workers who rank opportunities to learn and grow as one of the most important aspects of workplace culture
Udemy, 2017


The finance landscape is changing.

For customers, what is important is access to finance that solves a business problem, not a specific product such as leasing or asset finance. Finance providers – whether they are bank-owned, independent, captives, brokers, alternative finance providers, finance platforms or fintechs - are evolving a range of new solutions to meet customer needs.

Our framework will help to create a business finance profession that embraces all of these businesses.

How does it work?

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Experience and achievements
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Structured learning
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Industry enrichment

The Certified Business Finance Professional allows any professional in the business finance industry – whether new entrants to the industry, young professionals or mid- or late-career professionals - to apply for certification using a simple, transparent process based on experience, knowledge and sharing activities.

Certified Business Finance Professional framework

The Certified Business Finance Professional consists of levels 1-4 plus a level called Industry Mavens, to which a small number of outstanding industry leaders will be invited and who will support the programme.

You can join at any level appropriate to your knowledge, experience and track record of sharing activities, regardless of how long you have been in the industry.

There is a simple process to do this that assesses experience, knowledge, qualifications and sharing activities. You and your employer will also provide a statement of support.

Experience points, knowledge points and sharing points accumulate from different types of professional development and allow you to move through the levels.

Experience points for experience in a particular role, or a set of achievements in a role.

Knowledge points for completion of a learning activity such as a diploma from a learning provider or an internal development course, for example.

Sharing points for activities such as participation in a mentoring scheme, authoring expert articles for the trade press or working with an industry body.

No matter at which level you join, we will provide access to resources and guidance and recommendations for activities you can do to step up to the next level and to enhance your experience, develop your knowledge, share effectively and extend your competencies.

And regardless of who the learning provider is, who runs a mentoring scheme or which industry body you work with, all of the activity is valuable to professionals, their organisations, and to the industry.

We want to find ways to recognise and reward it.

Level 1


For those who are just joining the industry, for example those doing an apprenticeship or management training scheme. You are joining a vibrant industry and starting to develop your competencies in areas such as product knowledge, project management and problem-solving. 

Level 2

early career
CBFP logo

For those who are establishing their professional career, working in a single role, who may have a certificate-level qualification or have undertaken training courses, and who have just started to become involved in helping develop the industry. At level 2, you would be developing your competencies in areas such as customer experience, creating customer-focused change and stakeholder analysis, as well as operating within a framework of business ethics.

Level 3

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For developing professionals who have extended their role to several functions, who may have embarked on a diploma qualification, advanced training and development in their organisation or already have a degree, and who are getting involved with industry bodies such as the FLA, The Leasing Foundation or NACFB. At level 3, you would be developing and extending your leadership competencies in areas such as communication, knowledge-sharing and stakeholder analysis.

Level 4

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For mature professionals who have organisation-wide responsibilities, who may have started an advanced qualification such as the Leasing Foundation MA Business Finance and Innovation or have received leadership development training, and who are seen as emerging thought-leaders in their own right. 


Showcase your development - your experience, knowledge and sharing,  wherever you did it, and whoever the provider - in an online portfolio that provides recommendations you can explore for activities that provide development for business finance professionals from a range of learning partners. 

You can share your portfolio with your organisation and with colleagues and the industry on your professional social networks. 

Screenshot of CBFP screen
Screenshot of CBFP screen


Professional development is more than completing courses, or even gaining new knowledge.

Modern organisations demand that their people invest not just in their own work, but in activities that benefit the organisation, its markets and customers and the economy.

True professional development is engagement in the intersection of knowledge, experience and sharing.

Become a corporate partner

Organisations gain valuable benefits from supporting The Certified Business Finance Professional as Corporate Partners.

These include visibility in supporting professionalism, providing an incentives for their people to take internal and external professional development opportunities and the creation of talent pipelines by making visible a commitment to investment in people.

To talk about how we can work together contact us at

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Become a learning partner

Training and development organisations who wish to serve customers in business finance can partner with us and become endorsed  as Learning Partners.

With expert knowledge of the finance industry, a senior stakeholder network and access to thousands of business finance professionals, working with The Certified Business Finance Professional will expand your market.

To talk about how we can work together contact us at

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There are enormous benefits from creating a community that is tied together by a commitment to professionalism.

As the community grows we will be launching a range of services for professionals including knowledge-sharing forums, industry case studies, a mentoring network, professional support services and global chapters.


We are opening up our framework for discussion from anyone who has an interest in professional development.

Whether you are a finance professional, an organisation in the industry or a professional body, we would to hear your views.

We will use your feedback as we evolve the framework.

You can share your views using the form or email


We are working on our reward framework, aligning with other professional accreditations, on our industry consultation and recruiting Corporate Partners and Learning Partners to the programme.

We have an ambitious timetable to launch The Certified Business Finance Professional in the first quarter of 2019.


The Certified Business Finance Professional is an initiative of The Leasing Foundation, a non-profit industry organisation dedicated to supporting the business finance industry through personal and professional development.

The Foundation delivers a range of professional and industry development programmes including The Leasing Foundation Future Leaders, The MA Leasing and Asset FinanceYoung Business Finance Professionals Network and a Diversity and Inclusion programme.

The Certified Business Finance Professional's Design Group are responsible for leading the development of the programme:

Peter Alderson Managing Director, White Oak UK
Graeme Chisholm
Managing Director, CBC Resourcing Solutions
David Connolly
Independent Lecturer in Leasing and Asset Finance
Dr. Tim Gibson Head of Sales Effectiveness, Siemens Financial Services Commercial Finance
Julian Hobbs CEO, Siemens Financial Services Limited
Professor Peter Thomas Executive director, The Leasing Foundation
Ian Smith CEO, 1pm plc
Kirstine Wilson Global Head of Strategic Development, Siemens Financial Services Commercial Finance